Economics and Social Constructs

28 05 2011

These days I am reading a book by an evolutionary economist. One of the best and sadly truest puns in there is that microeconomics is about things economists are wrong about in particular, whereas macroeconomics is about things they are wrong about in general. Why has this happened? Quite a few among us believe this is due to the divorce between economic enquiry and reality. Real life only rarely fits neatly the elegant mathematical models we are using. Why? Read the rest of this entry »


Economic Growth and Acemoglu

18 05 2011

Been reading Acemoglu’s “Introduction to Modern Economic Growth” these days. Heavy on maths, light on reality. And sometimes, just sometimes, I wonder if tomorrow’s generations of economists will look at these efforts with the same sympathetic contempt that we look at the efforts of Medieval alchemists to turn metal into gold.

Carpe diem, huh?

10 05 2011

Разговор от тия дни.

Той: Тони, знаеш ли какво винаги се случва с най-прекрасните и изключителни жени в които се влюбвам?

Аз: Какво?

Той: Ми, след три-четири спирки слизат от трамвая.

Only a fair warning…

5 05 2011