Have you seen Wordle?

24 05 2010

There are actually precious few ways to actually quickly, aptly, and appealingly summarize a text. Visual analysis happens to be one of them – through some sort of computer algorithm it goes through your text, and pinpoints the most common words, and then it arranges them in an appealing and fun way. It might not give you all the information in the world, but it’s good approximation with pretty slick look!

How to do it? Plenty of alternatives. My personal favorite happens to be Wordle – although not as powerful as more statistically involved ways, it lends itself to a lot of customization, it’s online, and most importantly – free!

Here’s how a 35-page thesis looks like after the summary. Guess the topic, and I’ll buy you a beer 😉

Do it yourself at: http://www.wordle.net !




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