Update in FB Status

7 02 2010

The customary update after not being round for some time is… well… customary! To avoid any boring stuff I decided to simply put all my statuses in FB for the past one year. Better use it as a reference only – it’s by far not the thing people should read from beginning to end. I get bored myself!

January: Anton…

hatte den guten Rutsch.

is in the middle of a circle in the sand and can’t get out!

wants to do whatever common people do.

was shocked to understand that he was fun at a point of his life. All evidence must be destroyed!!!

obviously went home to freeze to death. Always a nice start of the new year…

is freezing to death, but at least Stanishev is on CNN.

is sick and tired of supposedly cool people. Especially with the current heating problems.

is not too fond of Ukraine these days…

is using inappropriate methods to estimate poorly defined models with wrong data. So far, no problems.

says a belated thank you for all the awesome name day wishes. :))

believes in the fundamental right of every human being to have nice photos.

has returned 54 empty bottles and still counting!

has returned 72 empty bottles and still counting!

February: Anton…

е безработен млад специалист.

doesn’t want to be one of them…

has a good feeling about this!

is thankful to all his awesome friends and the LSE for the great bday wishes!

is Alice in the Wonderland!

бавно се превръща в промяната, която иска да види в света.

doesn’t really have any deeper meaning in his life, but at least he is now done with American Dad!, season 2…

is chasing the sun…

reports: Season 3 of American Dad done. Deeper meaning still evasive.

doesn’t need trifles like reality to back up his positive attitude.

March: Anton…

can’t get no satisfaction.

is making sacrifices to the ancient but powerful Mayan water-god Sofiyskavoda to evade his devastating wrath.

has been making educated guesses all the way down.

just spent some 10 lonely minutes with a contract killer on a tram stop. And decided to live without regrets – and study economics!

doesn’t just believe in the good; he fears it.

doesn’t know if you remember his promise, but he meant every single word!

has a blog! Check it out at https://blog313.wordpress.com

April: Anton…

won’t let objective facts and established truths obscure his clear view on the issue at hand.

is suffering this sort of decreasing marginal utility with every acceptance letter he gets… oh, the pain!

was roaming the empty streets of Sofia and defiling the elevated temples of consumerism. Oh, the posing!

си поръча “Шоколадово ризото с маскарпоне и рикотини”. Това което му донесоха беше сутляш с какао. Ахем.

just suffered identity theft.

is firmly convinced that Russia is the most evil person… ever!

May: Anton…

sees Sofia’s spring in particularly bright colors.

is glad he read this year’s Jacobs graduates’s CVs. He now knows that a short group-work paper you never did a thing about can be labeled as “Research and Project Experience” ;))

is going to reclaim his own wall from Maya Stanulova. And this status is just the very first step!

will be off to Skopje in less than five hours.

is back – safe and sound.

is beginning to get worried for himself.

: Love don’t let me go…

June: Anton…

is reassured: most people are in the majority anyway.

will be officially in Bremen 4th-7th June. And what did YOU do for your country?

is looking for a challenge. You have one for him?

is going through what they call a “crime-supply function” and wondering if it is indeed differentiable…

July: Anton…

is becoming increasingly suspicious of collectivist cultures.

is, in the end, only human.

knows that free people vote as they please.

is so looking forward to Google Chrome OS… yeah, baby!

will be off for a few days.

се чуди какво е било НДК преди да стане НДК?

August: Anton…

is now a culturally-sheltered mainstream consumer ignorant of progressive and liberating spiritual shopping.

is selling his desktop: 2.13 GHz, 512 MB RAM, 80 GB HDD, 17″ LG monitor + speakers + keyboard + mouse, at 60 EURO (negotiable). It’s a steal!!!

е в безтегловност.

is chasing the sun.

is impressed: Limburg is unbelievably pretty :))

September: Anton…

You’ll stumble in my footsteps, Keep the same appointments I kept. If you try walking in my shoes.

is mad. And enjoys every second of it :))

| Лошите новини понасям без да мигна, но добрите наистина ми идват в повече ;))

is reading, like, the strangest book ever…

finds Bulgaria’s Medium-term Fiscal Framework a compelling read – with all the action, suspense, and unexpected twists and turns ;))

knows that if you can think of it, there is a government agency doing it wrong.

чете вестник “Искра” от 25 април 1988 и се забавлява искрено 🙂

October: Anton…

is looking for a fun-loving criminal… 😛

е неспециален.

is disappointed by this year’s Nobel prizes.

is feeling surprisingly well given the circumstances.

is plotting, scheming, planning, conniving and conspiring.

knows that he has two special letters overdue for more than a month now, but promises to reply within next week. Sorry!

knows that he has, in fact, four special letters overdue for more than a month now, but promises to reply within next week. Sorry!

can be such a damn fool at times!

will be, in fact, forever young.

November: Anton…

had a prophetic dream last night.

просто не е такъв.

had a near-dead experience – he was almost run over by a Bus No. 72. Memento mori, huh?

voted. Did you?

will do it his way.

is restless, but relentless.

is wondering if existence is essentially circular or linear.

just finished reading Atlas Shrugged and… WOW!

is running a doomed race against time and his best judgment.

won’t give up. No matter how hard you try. 🙂

видя как “Перла” уби Re:TV и никак не му хареса. 😦

December: Anton…

: du atmest ein, du atmest aus…

: Well, show me the way to the next whiskey bar. Oh, don’t ask why; oh, don’s ask why!

will needlessly risk it all on one card. It’s all the more fun that way :))

wishes you a very merry Christmas and joyous, warm and beautiful holidays!

is feeling the unbearable lightness of being.

is drinking good wine, listening to Edith Piaf and looking at the unbelievably bright stars tonight…




One response

22 04 2010

That was… inspiring. First of all, because I thought I was pedantic… And secondly, because now I know how stupid it looks to keep track of things like that 🙂

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