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7 05 2009

It is really too rare that a blogger actually has any sort of vague notion about the highly sophisticated topics he/she writes about (and this blog is not really the one to disprove this assertion). I have noticed this trend particularly in Bulgarian blogs about economics. Even though they pretend to be geared towards the economics professionals they usually feature analysis at such a rudimentary level that it is really not much better than this blog (which is aimed at the general public).

However there are some fortunate exceptions. I recently found this blog: http://dvasilev.blogspot.com/, and I am really admiring the author for having a decent grasp not only on theory but also on the practice of econometrics. I was particularly impressed by his lucid comments on the econometric modeling techniques of a joint study of IME and WB, which made a sharp analysis of all its problems like possibly heteroscedastic results, miscalculated standard errors, model selection and specification. I believe that thinking about method is something we really need to be doing more around here.

Undeniably it is important why you do it, but it sometimes it is even more important how you do it. Especially in econometrics and love. The blog itself is in Bulgarian, but for the English speakers among us, there is also the option of reading it translated by Google. Even though not perfect, at least it is very readable, and mind you, enchantingly fascinating!




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