CSI: Sofia

24 04 2009

Crime Scene Investigation. You’ll easily recognize it: police has closed up the place, rubber bands saying “Do not cross”, plenty of cop-eating donuts… ooops… donut-eating cops pointing at you and shouting: “Move on!” (followed by another bite and a generous sip of coffee). Practically, all of Sofia is blocked, all of Bulgaria’s police force has been relocated to the capital city with no intention but one: to keep the crime scene safe from ordinary citizens. There must have been a brutal murder.

The victim? It is Bulgaria’s self-respect and possibly market interests in terms of gas trade. The official reason behind the blockade is a conference on gas transit from Russia (with love!) and its repercussions on a EU-wide basis. However there is a little something missing in the EU-Russia summit. Yes, Russia. Vladimir Putin has decided it is below him to attend it, and sent а secondary figure – the minister of energy. Political representation in general is far below the level expected of a summit, and the scenery is not exactly jubilant.

On the bright side of life, Stanishev will prompty report to Putin himself about the conference in two days on a special visit to Moscow, possibly perpetuating problems and humiliation alike, coming from one of the most evil persons ever – Russia. The ambition to have an energy Davos failed miserably, and the dead body of our dignity lies surronded by legions of law enforcers. Let’s only hope that this crime scene doesn’t hide another dead body – that of a stable and reliable gas supply for the whole of Europe.

Even if so – how can we know? It is blocked and guarded alright. It is a CSI, baby, but it was also a DOA*…

*Dead on Arrival




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