AUBG Debating – Special correspondent!

2 04 2009

Debating often seems like a exercise in rhetoric futility – especially to normal sensible persons with no ego problems, i.e. non-debaters. However, in practice it is much more of a sport of the mind. And it can be beautiful, subtle, intense, and in the end – pointless in itself. Fortunately it is not merely a thing in and of itself but rather a training ground for speakers.

Like every sport, it has its tournaments, and the American University in Bulgaria hosts one annually. This year it has the dubious luck of me being its Chief Adjudicator, and you will have the dubious luck of reading random thoughts about the most fun parts that happen there. Of course there will be some serious stuff as well, but I intend to do my best to miss it or get it lost in translation.

So let the tournament begin, and let me wish every success to participants!





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