Hesse is you?

31 03 2009

Recently, I have been having a lot of time, filling it with reading (mostly junk books and political propaganda). However I also got a go at Hermann Hesse’s Demian,and Narziss and Goldmund.

I loved them and couldn’t resist the urge to recommend them. However, every time I do something like that, it turns out that every reader aptly identifies with Hesse’s characters. Are the books too good, or is Hesse… you?




One response

11 04 2009
Anne from the end of Vegesack

If you decide to enter a book store, to buy a book and that it even is by Hesse, you continue by starting to read it and then you decide to finish it and not leave it after the first pages, your do so because, you see a sense in the sentences. It is somehow known to you, familiar, close, you follow the reasoning of the character and the author. there is a felt logic between you, your experiences and the things happening in the book. You do understand what is written, follow the narrative, because a part of you is in that book…so Hesse has made you feel that Hesse is you.

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